DJ, producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and music addict, DJ BCKWLD, hails from Schenectady, NY. You will often find her in the studio where she spends her time creating ambient music and bass house often using the Ableton push, found sounds, and her own vocals. She is musically influenced by her childhood musical exploits playing piano, drums, and bagpipes. Her voracious appetite from music across all genres and her love of blending sound into a musical tapestry led her to DJing. She has played all sorts of private parties across the Northeast and currently is a resident DJ at Woodman’s in Orono, ME. For her, it is all about using her love of bass to hunt down tracks from all sorts of genres and bring them together into a harmonious mix that will give your legs and your subwoofer a workout.  She recently released her first single “Down to the Bass” and is currently finishing production on her upcoming “Gregorian Trap” EP.  You might also hear DJ BCKWILD’s sick rhymes as half of the trap duo Gold Bikini.
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Cant Get enough DJ BCKWLD? You can listen to her vocal stylings as half of the duo Gold Bikini and listen to their tracks and DL them for free here:

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