Blazing Beats is Back

After a brief summer hiatus Blazing Beats is back!  So far in September we have (DJ IBG and I) been spinning everything from funk to old school hip hop to bass house, trap, deep house, and Gold Bikini, IBG, and BCKWLD originals!  It has been a great couple weekends so far.  The first weekend my friend Moira (of the amazing Diviners) did my makeup for me – she is a wizard with the brushes.  I am kind of addicted now and want someone to do my makeup for me everyday – maybe once international DJ fame-dom arrives.  However, she’s volunteered to help this weekend too because we are doing an 80s vs 90s night.  IBG will be on the decks with all 80s and I am going to duke it out with him with all 90s.  All while decked out in some 90s grunge garb with makeup courtesy of Moira.  On that note, digging throughout the virtual 90s crates has been a blast.  I am pretty sure I could play solely 90s hip hop the whole night but I will be working in everything form rock to hip hop to electronic dance hits.  Alogn the road to prepping for this night I have come across some music video favs for inspiration! Check out some makeup pics and video links below!


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