OBC Can Release Jams

I had a great time spinning outside in the sun with DJ IBG to celebrate Orono Brewing Company’s first can release Friday! What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than having delicious craft beer, hanging out outside and DJing? Basically my three favorite things. Have to give a huge shout out to Moira from The Diviners for taking some awesome pictures (see below)! Also, working on distilling some of the summer vibes I spun Friday into a mix that I will record and upload soon for your poolside aural satisfaction.

With the advent of summer weather also came the trials and tribulations of DJing outside. It was kind of a fun challenge to figure out where to set up based on the future position of the sun, and how to account for its movements. We ended up making some interesting taped contraptions. You really have to rely on your skills and memory when you can’t see any of the lights on the controller! I set up a fan running directly under my computer and it totally kept cool for the whole gig. However, I need to invest in some sort of umbrella/tent system for the future.

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