Gregorian Trap

A little over a week ago I released a track (Darkening Sky) off of an EP I am currently working on.  I am really excited about this project and direction I have been going with my solo music.  It is “Gregorian Trap”  – Imagine droney chanting with Metro Boomin drums and relentless sub-bass.  It is pretty much completely different than the first track I released as DJ BCKWLD (Down to the Bass) – which was a total bass house banger.  However this new project still has my undying commitment to bass bass bass.  Now I am van crankin’ on all of the partially finished tracks I have left on the Gregorian Trap EP.  I am digging this project because I feel like I am making tracks that as simultaneously moody, energetic and somehow also relaxing.  Lots of music projects going on right now – so stay tuned for new mixes on deck – I am also working on recording an album as half of Gold Bikini this summer and finishing Gregorian Trap! Its going to be a dope summer!


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