DJ Mix Competitions – Good or Evil?

So I recently entered a mix into the #MillerSoundClash2016 contest to win a chance to DJ in Vegas. Obviously spinning in Vegas is the dream and I would be beyond psyched to get that chance, but is it worth entering when you are competing against 100’s of other DJs around the world? My answer is yes. I think that when you are used to playing 1 to 2 hour sets the constraints of a 15 to 30 minute set are really freeing and simultaneously challenging. It forces you to really evaluate who you are as a DJ and how to get that across in such a short period of time. I struggled with this especially for this contest because I play such a range of genres and I did not want to just pick one for the contest. How do I fit trap, electro-house, deep-house, pop, indie dance, and a dozen other genres…..into 25 minutes? I definitely had to let go of some songs that I wanted to include for the integrity of the mix, but that’s my usual process. Start huge and prune it down till its just right. Well hopefully it is just right and it gets me a shot at Vegas, but either way it was a blast and I love any opportunity that makes me approach my DJing in a fresh/different light.

Check out my mix here and tell me what you think…

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