Music Review: U Already Know It’s Dope

Hey y’all, it’s been a while…after a mass of gigs (check out a live set here: Live At Woodmans and The After 4 mix) and cranking out some new music (e.g., Take Me Remix) I have been negligent with my blog posts! That doesn’t mean tons of new music, which I am looking forward to waxing poetic about, hasn’t been stuck in my head .

I figure I might as well start with one of those songs that give me chills and is something along the lines of aural crack. Audiophiles beware, this song is a pantheon of sonic delight and you may not be able to stop listening to it. It should be no surprise that Keys N’ Krates would continue to crank out epic trap bangers. It’s probably impossible to count the number of remixes of these Canadians’ breakthrough track “Dum De Dum”—a track that appealed to many non-trap fans while staying on the instrumental end of trap music. Their newest track on their recently released EP (Midnight Mass) “U Already Know” is also mostly instrumental, with one vocal track that threads through the whole song. Perhaps they are suggesting that we “already know” how freaking good this song is; they are not wrong. This song has a sweet 90s vibe with interludes of drum and bass. Drum and bass can really turn some club goers off, especially if it is not a drum and bass night, but this track bridges the gap. It’s a little drum and bass appetizer with some nice half-time chill bass drops. I worked this into a set at a Christmas party with a pop/dance crowd and it went down awesome. Like “Dum De Dum” I think this track could be a real gateway drug to the world of bass for some listeners—I sure hope so).

So, imagine my delight when I recently realized that Keys N’ Krates were going to be playing in Portland, ME with Stooki Sound! What what! I hope they drop this new track, as it will be really sick to see how they handle it in their live set up. (Which is completely insane…Check out their Interview with DJ Tech Tools). The amount of work that goes into performing each of their songs live is impressive!

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