Music Review: Feeling RL Grime Down to the “Core”


If you are into bass music and haven’t heard of RL Grime I am not quite sure what rock you have been hiding under. In fact, I do spend a lot of time with rocks (being a “part-time” geologist who longs to be a full time DJ) and I have been an RL Grime fan for a long time. Right now RL Grime is really prolific in the Trap world between his dope mixes, collabs, remixes, and solo material—I really don’t know when this guy gets any sleep.

Once place to start is RL’s yearly Halloween mixes, which are introduced by the nostalgic RL Stine. Halloween or not these are dope mixes with dance-y vibes and a hint of the dark, dank and spooky. Not such a bad fit for these dark pre-solstice days.

While his remix of The Weeknd’s “The Hills” has been getting a lot of heat lately, I think that heat would be much better directed to his totally banging tune Core (2014). I guess this is the way it goes right now with a lot of bass music. It seems that the only way to get notoriety other than clawing you way up the DJ ladder is to make remixes of popular songs – which “The Hills” certainly is. That being said, I am usually more into producers’ solo works. So with that long intro, let me get to talking about this mammoth track.

The title itself gives you a sense of the intensity of this song. It imparts this sense of centeredness and power that translates directly into the single-minded fervor of the drums. Play this during your next spin workout or run and you’ll feel “Core” down to your core. I am rather insatiable when it comes to bass—I want my subwoofer to be working overtime and “Core” certainly will make your sub beg for mercy. The way the drums come in at the same time as the Zurna-type synth packs a Mike Tyson punch.

Speaking of the Zurna, I would love to know how RL Grime generated that synth, or where to buy a pack of dope instruments like that. Ideas? Full of hardcore drops—relentless bass and minimal vocals—this song gives a refreshing nod back to Trap origins while putting a cool spin on it with the Middle Eastern soundscape.

I want to DJ this, but I think I am going to have to hold off for a pretty tough crowd—it’s not for your average Saturday night drinking crowd. Thanks for another great one RL Grime!

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