Music Review: Herobust – Dirty Drills and Audio Thrills

I seems like everyday I’m listening to a new tune thinking, “Damn, this is dope,” then glancing down to see that the song is on Mad Decent! (Hey Diplo, now can you put me on your record label, right??!) My most recent instance of this was with Dirty Work by Herobust, which I listened to, downloaded and pretty much instantly dropped into my set for this weekend.

Much like Dolphin on Wheels and No Twerk (check my earlier posts for these two) this song goes really hard in terms of its soundscape. Be careful if you’re wearing headphones because your ears are about to be under siege with high end. In fact, this is one of those songs that verges on just being too much and not working but somehow strikes a balance and succeeds.

Appropriately titled, this song gets really dirty with distortion galore. I’m pretty sure that’s not the interpretation of the title that the lyricist intended. Speaking of lyrics, the hip-hop vocals on this song is “the glue”; their smooth delivery and lustrous lyrics give your ears a break from the relentless high end and droning high pitched synthesizers that populate the rest of this track. After being accosted by phonic electric drills it’s nice to hear a human voice.

Like I said the amount of high end on this song surprised me. In some songs this audio landscape could be distressing, but here it’s just the right amount to be really fresh and interesting. I’m definitely going to check out more by Herobust right away and I’m psyched to hear where he takes the dirt next.

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