Music Review: Dolphins, Bananas, and Bass.

Don’t sleep on Dolphin on Wheels, the killer collaboration between Kill the Noise and Dillon Francis. Seriously though, you wont be able to sleep after you hear this track. It is so hype that you might implode. (Although, I’m addicted to this track and so far there has been no spontaneous combustion.)

This song has a couple aspects that make it stand out. First, the vocal samples–they don’t overpower the song, but add the perfect touch of humor to a track that’s otherwise tough as nails. I mean, I often do “wanna eat a banana,” but I don’t usually think of it while listening to hard bass music. Maybe I should, all that potassium might prevent dancing induced leg cramping. It’s intriguing when a song can make you giggle while your simultaneously getting down to it hard.

Moving on to the other sample, the dolphin call (or “song,” or whatever the official word for dolphinese is) is killer. Is it just me, or are dolphin sounds on the rise (e.g., Riff Raff’s “Aquaberry Dolphin”)? Well, I hope so: the slightly distorted dolphin yell alongside the sinister bass of the chorus keeps the levity alive while also igniting some fist pumping.

Lastly, the other, non-aquatic sound design on this song is also really fresh. I especially dig the drums, which hit you hard in the face, chest and stomach.

It’s great to see collaborations such as this one with Kill the Noise and Dillon Francis—like that indecisive trip to the Tastee Freeze these musical twists lead to new flavors that are refreshing and sonically exciting! Definitely check this track out—I downloaded it from Beatport and can’t wait to drop it in one of my sets!

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