Music Review: Neon Steve Delivers Classic Rock in a Cornucopia of Bass Styles

A couple weekends ago I decided I wanted to spin some remixes of classic rock songs.  It was a crisp fall weekend, and I felt like my set needed a nostalgic vibe.  Also, I am on a constant quest to make other people love bass music as deeply as I do.  Since so many people love classic rock I figured some Twerk-flipped AC/DC might entice a couple of my listeners into my world.

Well, it turns out it is pretty difficult to track down good remixes of classic rock songs.  I spent a long time digging—don’t get me wrong I found some gems—but it took all of my research skills (putting my degree in science to good use) to find places to buy and download.  Finding stems for remixes is hard enough as it is and on top of that warping/beat-griding rock music, especially from the ‘60s and ‘70s, is a nightmare.  You can’t expect Traktor to get it right, so even if all you want is to play the original song you’re guaranteed some Ableton labor getting it right.  Who wants to deal with that when there are plenty of great songs that were produced digitally and beat grid like a dream?

Apparently Neon Steve knows how to put in work, because this guy has put out a seriously awesome EP of Jimi Hendrix remixes for your nostalgic aural delight.  Even better, it comes in a range of BPMs (75, 100, 121, 130) so you can smoothly fit it into a variety of sets. But wait! It gets even better because it is a free download.  I’ve slipped these songs into a couple sets and they’re awesome—they fit in with a bass music set that goes hard, and it’s impossible to not dance to these tracks.  Plus, I have received some really positive feedback on the unexpectedness of a Jimi Hendrix remix (thank you Neon Steve!!)!

My favorite track of the bunch is “Gypsy Eyes,” which has a nu-disco/Baltimore club vibe that is super positive and grooving.  Elsewhere, “Foxy Lady” leans towards hard style trap, while “Purple Haze” gets a little twerky, referencing some drum n bass and ‘90s hip hop along the way.  Finally, “Burning of the Midnight Lamp” is all about the trap—super chill.

This is a really versatile tetrad of tracks that you need in your digital crates or iTunes library asap! I am psyched to hear Neon Steve’s next concoction.

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