Music Review: For the Love of Bass – No Twerk Brings Total Aural Satisfaction

Well, I want to make my first post about the most exciting song I have heard lately…which would be “No Twerk (VIP)” by Apashe ft. Panther & Odalisk.  I listen to a lot of music every week—being the resident DJ at a bar means you really have to keep it fresh.  I mean, there is a limited about of recycling that can go on.  When I heard this track though, it took me 10 seconds to know it was going to be love.

My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to track it down.  You know that thing when you hear a track you love, or find a totally dope remix on Soundcloud and then it is nowhere to be found? No download link, it is not on Beatport or iTunes or anywhere else. Then you have that moment of joy when you find some blog post from 4 months ago that claims to have the download link, but sadly all it brings you to is 404 Error Site Not Found.

Thankfully my fears were assuaged when I found it on Beatport.  When I first heard the song I didn’t know who the artist was, the song name, or record label.  All I knew was that any song with that level of bass was my kind of song.  Perhaps best categorized as hard style trap (?), coming in at 100 BPM this song goes hard enough to feel like 160.  The song starts with percussion and chanting that makes you feel like you’re riding a chariot into war, circa Moses vs. Ramses II.  However, despite the intensity, and contrary to the title, you want to dance your face off to this song.   Immediately upon downloading it I listened to it about 10 times in the row, headphones on, headphones off, both while dancing.  Odalisk’s crisp vocals cut through the incessant synths of this song like a knife, providing a break from the constantly morphing percussion of this chameleon.  The crescendo-ing drums at 2:14! Good jesus that percussion is good, and totally makes me ready for some go-go gadget shit. Panther takes the hard style Trap vibe and intensity and grounds them with his verses that bracket the song. I am really looking forward to more collaborations and tunes from all of these Canada-based musicians.

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